ESHO inauguration ceremony

S. No.  Name:                            Position/Institution
1. Dr. Berhanie Redai:             Federal Ministry of Health of Ethiopia
2. Dr. Kunuz Abdella:              Technical Adviser on Prevention and Control of Cancer at the Federal Ministry of Health of Ethiopia
3. Dr. Abubeker Bedri:            Pediatrician, Pediatric Hematooncologist
4. Dr Dawit Wondimagegn:   Chief Executive Director, College of Health Sciences, Addis Ababa University
5. Dr Wondmagegn:                Provost, SPHMMC
6. Dr Sisay Sirgu:                     Academic and research vice provost, SPHMMC
7. Dr Lydia Tefera:                   SPHMMC, Medical service vice provost
8. Dr. Ayinalem Abraha:        Consultant Internist and Clinical Oncologist, ESHO President
9. Dr.Abdulkadir Mohammedseid: Pediatrician, Pediatric hematooncologist,
ESHO Vise President
10. Dr. Amaha Gebremedhin: Associate Professor of Medicine, Consultant Internist and Clinical Hematologist, ESHO EC
11. Dr. Wondemagegnhu Tigeneh: Associate Professor of Clinical Oncology, ESHO EC
12. Dr. Mathewos Assefa: Associate Professor of Medicine, Consultant Internist and Clinical Oncologist, ESHO EC
13. Dr. Daniel Hailu: Pediatrician, Pediatric hemato oncologist, ESHO EC
14. Dr. Haileyesus Adem: Pediatrician, Pediatric hemato oncologist, ESHO EC
15. Dr. Abdulaziz Abdus: Consultant Internist, Hematologist, ESHO EC
16. Dr. Fissehatsion Tadesse: Consultant, Internist, Hematologist, ESHO EC
17. Dr. Abdu Adem: Clinical Oncologist, ESHO EC
18. Dr. Edom Seife: Clinical Oncologist, ESHO EC
19. Dr. Munir Awol: Clinical Oncologist, ESHO EC
20. Dr. Biniyam Tefera: Clinical Oncologist, ESHO EC
21. Dr. Fahmi Usman: Member in Training, ESHO EC
22. Dr. Solomon Hunegnaw: Member in Training, ESHO EC
23. Dr. Jilcha Diribi: Member in Training, ESHO EC
24. Dr. Kibrom Hiluf: Clinical Oncologist, Mekelle University, Member
25. Dr. Amare Assefa: Clinical Oncologist,  Jimma University, Member
26. Dr. Mohammed Mustofa: Pediatric hematooncologist, Mekelle University, Member
27. Dr. Helen Hilawi Internist, Hematologist, Mekelle University, Member
28. Dr. Tadele Hailu: Pediatric Hematooncologist, Mekelle university, Member
29. Dr. Mulugeta Ayalew: Pediatric Hematooncologist, Gondar University, Member
30. Dr. Diriba Fufa: Pediatric Hematooncologist, Jimma University, Member
31. Dr. Afework Hagos: Internist, Hematologist, SPHMMC, Member
32. Dr. Abraham Adamu: Clinical Oncologist, Member
33. Dr. Ephrem Tafesse: Member in Training
34. Dr. Yesalmush Mulatu: Member in Training
35. Dr. Tadesse Mitiku: Member in Training
36. Dr. Adonay G/Selassie: Member in Training
37. Dr. Haimanot Kassahun: Member in Training
38. Dr. Yasin Worku: Member in Training
39. Dr. Natnael Eshetu: Member in Training
40. Dr. Hailemickael Woldekidan: Member in Training
41. Dr. Amare Yeshitla Tesesema: Member in Training
42. Dr. Eyoel Negash Taddesse: Member in Training
43. Dr. G/kirstos Hagos G/kiros: Member in Training
44. Dr. Melsew Abejee Asmare: Member in Training
45. Dr. Michael Shawel Lemma: Member in Training
46. Dr. Semira Mohammed Hassen: Member in Training
47. Dr. Sonia Worku Semayneh: Member in Training
48. Dr. Wongel Tsegaye Belete: Member in Training
49. Dr. Zerubabel Ayalew Hunnegnaw: Member in Training
50. Dr. Yonas Alemayehu: Member in Training
51. Dr. Amanuel Mulissa: Member in Training
52. Dr. Tsion Zebdios: Member in Training
53. Dr. Damena Teshome: Member in Training
54. Dr. Girum Tesema: Member in Training
55. Dr. Miliard Demeke: Member in Training
56. Dr. Yohanes Tesfaye: Member in Training
57. Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim: Member in Training
58. Dr. Adane Negussie: GP at Radiotherapy Unit, CHS, AAU
59. Mr. Meressa Mijena: Medical Physicist, Radiotherapy Safety Officer, Associate Member
60. Mr. Iskadmas Yinesu: Assistant Professor of Medical Physicist, PHD Candidate, Associate Member
61. Mr. Mollalegne G/senbet: Medical Physicist, Associate Member
62. Mr. Ashenafi kumela: Medical Physicist, Associate Member
63. Mr. Andamelak Mesahun: Radiotherapy Technologist, Associate Member
64. Mr. Mekonnen Bihon: Radiotherapy Technologist, Associate Member
65. Mr. Anteneh Kefyalew: Radiotherapy Technologist, Associate Member
66. W/ro Tigist Tefera: Radiotherapy Technologist, Associate Member
67. W/ro Eyerusalem Amdie: Radiotherapy Technologist, Associate Member
68. Dr. Daniel Zemenfes: Associate professor of Surgery, CHS, AAU
69. Dr. Ferehiwot Bekele: Raiologist, CHS, AAU
70. Dr. Zeki Abdurahman: Hepatobiliary surgeon, CHS, AAU
71. Dr. Endale Anberbir: Surgeon, CHS, AAU
72. Dr. Henock Seife: Hepatobiliary surgeon, CHS, AAU
73. Dr. Mengistu Irke: Gastroenterologist, CHS, AAU
74. Dr. Tewodros Tefera: Maxillofacial Surgeon,  CHS, AAU
75. Dr. Dawit Worku: Gynecologist Oncologist, CHS, AAU
76. Dr. Isaias Berhanu: Gynecologist Oncologist, CHS, AAU
77. Dr. Dawit Desalegn: Gynecologist Oncologist, CHS, AAU
78. Dr. Biruk Lambisso: Senior Consultant Orthopedician, CHS, AAU
79. Dr.Mulat Taye: Urologic Surgeon, CHS, AAU
80. Dr.Mesay Mekonen: Urologic Surgeon, CHS, AAU
81. Dr.Bedri Ahmed: Urologic Surgeon, CHS, AAU
82. Dr.Samodai Laszio: Urologic Surgeon, CHS, AAU
83. Dr.Andualem Deneke: Urologic Surgeon, CHS, AAU
84. Dr.Mekuanent Asfaw: Urologic Surgeon, CHS, AAU
85. Dr.Abeselom Lemma: Urologic Surgeon, CHS, AAU
86. Dr Mulugeta: Oncologic Surgeon, SPHMMC
87. Dr Bethelihem: Gynecologist Oncologist, SPHMMC
88. Dr Dinksira Bekele: Pathologist, Yekatit 12 MC
89. Dr Selamawit Tariku: Radiologist, Yekatit 12 MC
90. Mr. Ejigu: Medical Physicist SPHMMC
91. Mr. Wondu Bekele: Ye Mathiyas Woldu Cancer Association Manager
92. Dr. Dario Tripani:
93. Dr. Shah Zeb Kan:
94. Ethiopian Medical Association
95. Ethiopian Society of Pathology
96. Ethiopian Society of Anaesthesiologists
97. Ethiopian Radiological Society
98. Ethiopian Society of Internal Medicine
99. Ethiopian Pediatric Society
100. Ethiopian Society of Obstetricinans and Gynecology
101. Surgical Society of Ethiopia
102. Dr. Yared Tilahun Clinton Health Access Initiative
103. Representatives from Clinton Health Access Initiative
104. Representatives from CORE Diagnostics
105. Representatives from ROCHE Ethiopia
106. Representatives from NOVARTIS Oncology
107. Representatives from SANOFI Ethiopia
108. Representatives from Astazeneca Ethiopia
109. Representatives from Denk Pharma Ethiopia
110. Representatives from Badre Pvt. Ltd. Co
111. Representatives from Pioneer Diagnostics
112. Wro. Zelekash GebreSelassie Oncology Unit Secretariat
113. Wro. Yaltayechwork Tesfaye Oncology Unit Secretariat
114. Wro. Birke Tadesse Oncology Unit Finance
115. Mr. Tsehay Alemayehu RTT, CHS, AAU
116. Wro. Ayalnesh Bekele, AACCR
117. Mr. Kedir Abegaz, AACCR
118. Wrt. Lydia Aguma Oncology Pharmacy Head, TASH, CHS, AAU
119. Media

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