Ethiopian Hematology and Oncology Society Background

Dr. Jilcha Diriba Feyisa

It is a great pleasure to celebrate the long sought launching ceremony of Ethiopian Society of Hematology and Oncology (ESHO). ESHO is an association which brings all physicians in the field of Hematology, Clinical Oncology and Pediatric Hematooncology to share idea on how to utilize collective effort towards community service. It will help us to develop strong commitment for physician’s self-development besides uplifting status of health service in Hematology and Oncology. Association’s top priority will be to take part in reinventing our Hematology and Oncology practice through high tech medicine.

We have been clearly witnessing that cancer care is facing big challenge in Ethiopia. The problem is severe both in human resource and setup. We are confronting our patients suffering from huge socioeconomic burden on top of the biologic illness they used to face.  Our hospitals do have no advanced diagnostic and therapeutic instruments challenging cancer care across the nation. It is heart touching to see routinely that our society has been suffering due to absence of centers to treat the illness. The interphase between human power and cancer care system also seems with little attention. There are no strong programs to encourage self-development of professionals in the field as well.

All of these so needs change for strengthening of uncompromised high tech cancer care system to deliver effective and efficient service in all regions. As responsible physicians in the field, we have to be an actor in leading to bring the change we are opting for. This however can’t be solved unless we stand together.  As well said by Ken Blanchard, “none of us is as smart as all of us.” Hence we needs to act together to reach the height of our capabilities. ESHO is established to bring all these minds to work in concert. If we are to act this way, we can definitely speak that though slowly will surely lead and takeover the responsibility of leading change to improved cancer care in Ethiopia. As this is a moment when optimism for change is peaked in Ethiopia, it is expected that ESHO will become one of the strong society in the nation who can influence cancer care  both in policy making and implementation. Creating affordable high quality cancer care and moving cancer care forward will be its first value. Safeguarding Physicians right and capacity building in terms of leadership, research and skill will be also at the helm of ESHO. These however can’t become true without active participation of all members. Despite natural phenomenon variable motivation levels of members, ESHO welcomes all members for determination and commitment to have mission achievement. No one hence loose energy to influence the level of participation as we all are expected to have active engagement. We rather exploit every possible effort to make difference to health of sacrificed beloveds while we keep on work hard to see a committed personality from our physicians working in hematology and oncology.

There are numerous opportunities if we are to exploit to build strong cancer care in Ethiopia and encourage self-development of members in the field. We are growing in the area of biggest technological advancement of all time. With birth and rapid expansion of internet we feel as if efforts are minimized. The only important thing is adapting and incorporating experiences into practice while keeping on adding locally generated knowledge.

As well written by Steven covey, we need to start from the end – the destiny where we aspire to reach. Then building resilient base will be keen point to reach the destiny. That is the point where we are right now. You are hence welcomed to take part at this historical moment of establishing ESHO to deal together and bring the change we are opting for.

Moving Cancer Care Forward!
Dr. Jilcha Diribi Feyisa, 3rd year Clinical Oncology Resident, Oncology Department TASH, CHS, AAU, ESHO Secretariat

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